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Re: How the placement of the hands adds to tht

Posted by: mb () on Sun Feb 10 07:23:55 2002

Jack, I have a question concerning how the position of the hands in the stance can icrease tht. In in earlier post I asks about cocking the bat to add to tht. This mechanic is used by Bonds, and Sheffield. However, do you think that a slight hitch or dropping of the hands could effect the ability to hit high strikes? I have also tried an approach holding the hands high above the head and taking more of a legkick. This mechanic is used by Manny Ramirez, Carlos Delgado, and Arod. I feel like it adds to batspeed because of the lenth the hands must travel from above the head and more momentum from the legkick. However, I have noticed a slight disadvantage on low and inside pitches. The third position I would like to talk about is keeping the bat at the rear shoulder. This mechanic is used by Griffey and McGwire. With this position there seems to be no weekness in pitch location although no added tht from cocking the bat forward like Bonds or holding the hands high for a longer arc like Manny Ramirez or Delgado.
> Another thing I've noticed while analyzing swings is that McGwire gets less seperation because he keeps his hands by his rear shoulder thoughout the swing. Griffey, however gets more seperation by bringing his hands about 6 inches past his rear shoulder. McGwire aslo hits the ball later in his swing with his hands farther out from his body and on more of an upgrade. As a result most of his home runs are very high and pulled. Does getting more seperation and/or hitting the ball with the hands closer to the body with more of and L position of the back arm and less extension help you hit home runs to all fields instead of being more of a pull hitter who hits rainmakers like McGwire?
FYI Bonds, Williams, Ruth, Sosa all drop their hands as they intitate their swing. Check the video.
Here's how I see Bond's swing/hands. Pre swing he is relaxed, the bat head is cocking forward and back using his hands. At initiation of the swing the bat is nearly vertical the hands drop to waist high. As he strides the hands and elbow go back and up, the bat head cocks slightly forward. Now the bat head and elbow drop toward the catcher as he begins rotating his shoulders/trunk toward the pitcher. This is the "slot" position similar to golf. The hands and bat handle remain close to his left bicep. As he rotates through toward the pitcher the bat head moves toward home plate on a slight upper cut angle to follow through.


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