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Re: linear vs. rotational

Posted by: Major Dan (markj89@charter.net) on Sun Feb 10 07:42:21 2002

I have been asked to coach a local h.s. team,what is fun is having some kids that are rotational and some linear.Its like night and day.rotating guys have never had a lesson and bat 3-4-5 in the line up.Linear guys fill in the latter spots and have had instructors for 6-7 years.I propose questions why these rotating guys hit so much harder and then I show them the difference.The other day One told me that his 35$ a half hr. guy would have him throw his bat at the mound and see if he could reach it, to help get the feel of extension.so I asked that if they thought more batspeed would get the bat to go further,they agreed.So I got up and swung linear and it went just past the mound,then I swung rotational and let go and the bat traveled 30-40' into the o.f. in the air.needless to say I opened some eyes and they are beginning to question all their lesson money.

sounds like you are enjoying your coaching experience! It is also interesting that there is this 'body of knowledge' about hitting (pitching too) that is the common wisdom, the 'right' way to do it. And it is not the best way. It's not what top hitters do.
But its not too different than 'nobody ever got fired for buying IBM' a phrase of the early 90s when corporate computer $ was spent on overpriced IBM offerings instead of for less costly competitors with equivalent equipment.
Maybe the tide is starting to turn.
If you could get a Setpro batspeed machine, you'd learn even more about this. The numbers don't lie. And I've found you can't get the same batspeed just like you can't throw a bat as far.
Keep us all posted and good luck.


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