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Re: Re: front arm

Posted by: timmy (mets4life6457@aol.com) on Tue Apr 17 17:58:25 2007

> >>> Is it good to lead with the front arm in your swing? Why or why not? And are there any good drills to make you do this? I know of the drill where you just take your front arm and just hit the ball off the tee without using your back hand at all. Is this good to make you lead with the front arm and not drop that back shoulder? If this is good, how many swings like this per day should I do so that it becomes muscle memory? Thanks <<<
> Hi Timmy
> How you use the lead-arm is key to your generating good bat speed and a productive swing plane. Linear instructors would have you lead with a bent (or boxed) elbow and then extend the arm straight to contact. However, extending a boxed elbow straightens out the path of hands and therefore limits the acceleration of the bat-head from the “pendulum effect.”
> Great hitters generate great bat speed by keeping the lead-elbow at a fixed angle (boxed or straighter) as they rotate. Maintaining a fixed lead-elbow as the shoulders rotate propels the hands into a circular path (CHP) which maximizes the acceleration of the bat-head from the “pendulum effect.” This is a key reason why rotational hitters generate much greater power than linear hitters.
> Therefore, when practicing swinging with only the lead-arm, keep in mind the role of the arm when swinging with both arms. I have my batters use the “PathFinder” with their lead-arm drills. They soon learn that extending a boxed elbow is not productive.
> Jack Mankin

Hey Jack, thanks a lot for the reply, I understand what you are saying. Just one more question since you have been so helpful.
I know that on this site you do not really like the saying "knob of the bat to the ball". You say it is linear. I was just curious as to what you don't like about it. Because I looked up a lot of info on Tony Gwynn, and I was very surprised to see how much he said "knob of the bat to the ball". I am guessing it is because he was more of a linear hitter, rather than rotational. But for a linear hitter, would this be a good thing to do? Why or why not. Thanks a lot Jack


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