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Re: Re: softball homeruns.

Posted by: The Hitman (ahsnumber3@aol.com) on Mon Feb 11 18:36:35 2002

>I'm 5'5" and can bench 375lbs. and I weigh 200lbs and am strong and lean. Why is it my longest homeruns only go about 305 foot in the air? I should be hitting 400ft. bombs but am not. I have more bat speed than other who hit it 350+ but the ball just does not carry off my bat. I've tried all the bats also. I also squat 500lbs. I'm lost? I'm batting about .520 which I think is damn good but I want to hit more than 3 or 4 homeruns per season. What should I do? Go on juice and increase my press and squat? I'm seriously considering going on sustanon 250. I want to be a bigtime hitter by the time I'm 28 in 2 >years.
> Sorry dude, I'm not trying to poke fun but how can you be 5'5", 200 lb and be lean? Either you're a shotput on legs (as Boomer Esiason said of Amos Zeroae (sp?)) or ...
> How do you know you have more batspeed than guys who hit the ball farther? Have you measured it? Being stronger doesn't aotomatically translate to more batspeed. You have to use your strength correctly.

Hey Joe Softball,
Being short can reduce your bat speed. People who are taller and have longer arms are able to have a wider arc in their swing and thus able to generate greater batspeed than shorter people. Also being 5"5 and 200 pounds, this is likely to hamper your angle of seperation. Your goal should be rotating your shoulders 20-45 degrees farther than your hips.
I mean between your hips and shoulders. You want to make sure u have a good base, an ample amount of bend in your knees. Many people who are very flexible and elastic are able to counter rotate their upper body farther than stout people who are very tense in their upper body.
The Hitman


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