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Posted by: RQL () on Mon Feb 11 20:45:25 2002

>>> To me "casting" happens when your body begins rotation while your hands are trailing too far behind. Because of the amount of force that your body during rotation creates, if your hands are too far behind, it is impossible for your hands to stay inside the ball and on the correct path. They will cast away from your body too soon and create a long arc, like a golf swing on a flatter plane. Get in your hitters stance, lock your front arm straight and try to keep your hands close to your body. This is death as a hitter. If you look a some hitters,Griffey for example, they have great uppper body flexibility and are able to have their front arm almost straight and still keep their hands working inside the ball. You have to remember the professional hitters see live pitching everyday, they develop a swing that complements their strengths. <<<
> Hi Troy
> You Stated: “To me "casting" happens when your body begins rotation while your hands are trailing too far behind.” – If that were true, we would have to conclude that nearly all great hitters have a serious “casting” problem. They all have their hands back at the shoulder when they start rotation.
> For one of many examples , go to - http://www.setpro.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000178.html – Not only does Sammy Sosa have his hands as far back as possible as rotation starts, his lead-arm straightens early in the swing. - How much casting did you observe? - Troy, you can’t just dismiss the mechanics used by one great hitter after another as flawed mechanics just because they do not fit the linear mode. They are not freaks of nature that can make bad mechanics work – why do you think they chose the mechanics they have. Do you really think Sammy would hit even better if he extended his hands before he rotated?
> Jack Mankin
> Jack,I don't think sammy chose his mechanics,I think that it was a natural swing for him and his parents could'nt afford to send him to a hitting instructor.I am coaching h.s. hitters and my 3-4-5 hitters have 1 lesson in their life between them.The other punch hitters are at lessons every week and I can't change them in season but I am starting to open their eyes.


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