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Re: Re: The Fulcrum

Posted by: Andy Proctor (aproctor@ix.netcom.com) on Mon Feb 11 22:26:24 2002


When you say the top hand pushes to generate torque...that is the point we are fiddling with...we think the top hand never pushes, but always pulls...I may be splitting hairs, but if the fulcrum for the lever on the handle is the top hand thumb/index finger V...then at all times the bottom hand is pulling back and the last 3 fingers of the top hand are squeezing (in effect pulling as well) and everything is generating leverage off the V...this ought to be so as long as the back arm is in the L position...like you say..as long as the L is maintained you have the oar-lock...to hit the outside pitch you need a little elbow seperation and extention...but never so much that the back elbow slides forward...right?



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