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Re: Re: Plane of Swing

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Wed Feb 13 09:45:29 2002

Another perspective of the plane is from the perspective of the dreaded "S" word (Science).

If anyone is still reading at this point,you can interpret some of the old adages as follows:

"Hitting is timing"-the premium must be on minimizing timing error.This is done by maximizing batspeed,shortening the path the bat has to travel and creating a path that maximizes contact area.You could call these things "short to the ball,long through the ball,matching the plane of the pitch",etc.

The most important feature of swing plane is related to how to maximize batspeed.The bat must be swung in the plane of torso/shoulder rotation to effectively transform torso energy into batspeed.This has the added benefit of making swing trajectory more consistent.It also means that you have to learn to position your body/torso accordingly which is a very different task from an armswing that is disconnected from body rotation.


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