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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: outside pitch

Posted by: t olson () on Fri Feb 15 20:14:47 2002

""""Tim,Ilike the staying inside the ball idea and feel it does not hinder turning on the ball,but to me if I think hit the i.s. of the [ball] then I feel I go linear push to keep hands ahead of barrel or hit like Jeter when he gets jammed.So far my h.s. kids have produced by looking away hit the back of ball then react in get fat part of bat on ball and cover it.""""""

One option not discussed is to stay inside the ball on the inside pitch by looping the barrel more. The problem with a flatter plane on an inside pitch is that you would tend to come around it. So what about staying inside the ball by allowing the barrel to hit the ball in a golf-like manner? Especially on a low-inside pitch.


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