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Re: Which Procut???

Posted by: Major Dan (markj89@charter.net) on Mon Feb 18 09:22:23 2002

I'm 6'2", 200lbs and my bat is 33.5"/31oz. I would like to use the Procut to do my overload/underload training and to take BP with. I know the 16oz model is too heavy according to those who say the ideal overload weight is 25-30% of the actual bat weight. Which one should I use then, the 8oz model or the 12oz?

The Procut is a strange device. (those who use it know what I mean)
It doesn't feel like the bat is overloaded. I have the 12oz and can swing a 31/28 about the same speed with and without. You might try the 12oz to start as it is in between. but don't worry about the 16 oz being too heavy. It is not at all like a donut because the weight is in a different place making the bat head light.


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