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Re: Re: Re: Re: Stance

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Mon Feb 18 10:35:51 2002

slight bend at the waist too
> >
> > keeps the weight at the balls of the feet and not the heels
> The initial stance is similar to a ready position or a linebacker's stance. Weight slightly off heels but heels not off the ground.
> Knees flexed but not deeply bent. Hips slightly bent (its not really the waist) as in the start of sitting down.
> Weight should be 60% forward (regular stand being 50%)

Here's a useful stance tip from golf.You have to learn a particular type of posture to encourage/allow rotation.Body rotation mechanics for power generation are largely the same in golf and hitting.Length of backswing and transfer mechanics are very different.Golf instructors in general are light ahead of hitting instructors.

Stand up straight.

Pinch your shoulder blades togehter.

Bend at the waist to the desired degree.

Then relax the arms/shoulders.

This will give the type of spine curvature necessary for good rotation.There are a lot of other ways of standing/bending/slouching that don't work.Learn this feel.

The overall amount of bend at the waist is variable and adjusts as the swing proceeds in hitting.In golf this is set by the length of the club chosen.


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