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Re: Re: Re: Forearms

Posted by: grc () on Mon Feb 18 20:29:32 2002

Since your forearms are the key muscle group, or one of the makor key muscle groups, for generating batspeed and power what are some really good exercises for developing your forearms to be solid and strong.
> > >
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> > since the forearm muscles are used to move the hands and fingers, I'd suggest the following:
> > typing, so you can use a browser. Then use this newfound strength to look through and read all the information on this website.
> > Then you may learn that your efforts would be better spent building up more important muscles. :)
> Now thats just dumb. You know what you could do, you can go to the libary and check out a few books on great baseball players. Read them, and then you'll see that improved strength, endurance, and flexibility played a major part in thier life. Saying mechanics is everything you should care about in hitting is a ridulous statement. You need good mechanics to be a good hitter, but with good mecahnics you also need improved strength, edurance, and flexibility to be a great hitter.

this is an issue that has not been given nearly enough treatment, maybe because there are no answers....mcgwire has good mechanics, but if his biceps were smaller & he weighed 40 pounds less, would he have hit the ball as far?......if joe & bill have equally good mechanics & swing a bat of equal size/weight,but joe is smaller than bill, will joe hit the ball as far as bill? i don't think so, but i would be interested in a scientific explanation as to why i am right (or wrong)


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