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Re: Re: inward turn

Posted by: Frank S. (perco480@msn.com) on Thu Jan 20 04:24:00 2000

> Or is this a hitting school you've just started at?
Thanks for all your replys.
I've just started at this 'camp' ...goes for 4 weekends in a row.
I could best describe my trigger as my dad does; a connected rotation of the shoulders and hips started by a slight inward 'break' of my right knee, maybe 2-4 inches towards third base (i'm a left hand hitter). I absoulutely try to maintain two eyes facing forward so as not to turn my left eye out of the field of vision.

I don't really have trouble making contact and sometimes hard contact but I'am always looking for ways to improve so I signed up for this clinic in an attempt to maybe pick up a few things. Instead my style got trashed and now I'm beginning to wonder if I have taken a "wrong
turn" (no pun intended).

Thanks again,
Frank S.


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