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Re: Re: Re: Forearms

Posted by: Jamie () on Wed Feb 20 08:13:46 2002

I'm, not a particulary strong guy, so I am going to play devils advocate on the whole focus on the hips thoery, I do agree that the hips are a strong part of the swing, but many players use too much hips to try and be power hitters. Hence, the evolution of the change up. When you get to the college level you learn to fight off pitches with your hands. So I would suggest that you do work on forearms and triceps, but don't forget torso. My favorite workouts for upperbody are on the 8-10lb medicen(sorry, I can't spell) ball. I like the twisting ab workouts and the 2 hand overhand throw for tricepts, the advantage of the ball workouts is that you are working the quick twitch muscle groups. This generates quickness, which not only lets ou fight off pitches, but also give you that vital split second to recognize pitches because you can hit the better fastballs. As for forearms, I like doing sledgehammer drills, you can also do these with a weighted bat.


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