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Re: Re: bat speed

Posted by: tim (trmccrary@hotmail.com) on Wed Feb 20 16:18:13 2002

yeah the posterior chain work is great....we use the bands as a gpp workout for the triceps for the day following pitching to help reduce muscle soreness and speed recover....but on days where we incorp them for hitting we use them to help that final lower arm extension or snap in the batters front arm (sorry not really a baseball guy by trade but train numerous pros and collegians)

i have found that using bands to work the lower part of the tricep just above the elbow increases your lockout speed/strength and ultimately power...its an exercise used by louie simmons and westside barbell for lockout power in the bench but crosses over greatly in bat speed as well....also i have found that doing box squats with bands increases hip speed/strength and ultimately power in the hips....for both pitchers and hitters.........any and all comments welcome
> Tim-
> I have been doing my own home-cooked version of Westside Barbell stuff as well.
> My 'posterior chain' - hams, glutes, lower back - has never been stronger. The lower body work does help the swing.
> How do you see the upper body work helping your swing?
> Where are you using triceps?


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