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Re: Re: Re: Double Play Footwork

Posted by: just a guy () on Thu Feb 21 07:27:13 2002

I know this is a swing discussion, but I have been having trouble lately with some of my footwork around the bag on doubleplays. I play second base, and my problem is receiving balls to the right of second base. Currently I just take my back foot to the ball and then just rely on armstrength to get the ball to first. Does anyone have a more fluid technique they would like to share?
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> > Wish I could help. I don't know of any websites with discussions of fielding and these types of questions. Does anyone else know of any resources?
> webball.com has some tips on fielding, hitting, etc....as a matter of fact, at the same site there is some material authored by the distinguished jack mankin and tim olson

Hey, if stepping to the ball doesn't get you in position to throw with your body, step back or wherever. You just need to get balanced any way you can to be able to use your body. Or maybe your rushing yourself and you don't allow yourself to get to the balance point. I don't know man, here's just a couple things that might help.


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