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Re: Over-Anxious hitter

Posted by: Chuck (jcsherwood8458@sbcglobal.net) on Wed Apr 25 16:43:36 2007

> I need help! I have a player who has rotational mechanics. He is a dead-pull hitter. I haven't seen him hit a ball to the right side in two years. Small size, but can hit with power. He is 12, and has been playing organized ball for 7 years now. Great athlete, football, track, basketball, and a 2nd degree black belt. His problem is that he is so anxious, that he commits so early, and that his bat is through the hitting zone before the pitch is even close to him. Foul balls are down the third base line. I believe his load step is not as pronounced as it needs to be. Could that be the problem?

>Are you sure that he has sound rotational mechanics? Foul balls down the third base line - sounds like he's starting too early and his hands are going out and around the ball. With the proper handpath inside the ball, he can start later, have a short, quick stroke, and keep those balls fair.

> Any drills out there to slow him down? He has struck out 6 out of 7 times this year, but crushes the ball with soft toss and live practice pitching. I know that it is mental, but can his mind be trained??


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