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Re: Forearms

Posted by: RH (stroberjunk@cs.com) on Fri Feb 22 06:22:37 2002

Since your forearms are the key muscle group, or one of the makor key muscle groups, for generating batspeed and power what are some really good exercises for developing your forearms to be solid and strong.
>Dan, your devotion to the religion of pure mechanics turns quickly to cutting scarcasm when someone suggests any other approach. I agree that the rotation eminates from the core, but the arms and wrsists and hands are the last and weakest links in the chain of power in a swing. Rotational mechanics being equal, the guy with spaghetti arms will have a harder time swinging though the ball, maintaining batspeed and not letting the ball push the bat around in his hands. Strong and flexible lower arms and a strong grip have to count towards the overall package.

Now, to answer the man's question...

I would suggest two exercises for wrist/forearm strength. The first is a wrist-roller. A quickie homemade version is a length of 12-16" of 1.5" PVC, with a hole drilled in the middle. Insert a 3 foot (use your judgement) length of cord through and tie off a knot in the inside of the PVC. To the other end, attach a 5 or 10 lb plate. Hold out from your body...Roll up, roll down, roll up, roll down...

The other is "sledgehammer" type trainer. You can use an actual sledgehammer, or make an adjustable one from a short length of pipe or an old dumbell. Weight only one end (5-10 lbs). Grab the other end and slowly move like a hammer...down, up, down, up...left, right, left right. You will notice that the hammerring motion is very similiar to the motion as the wrists extend in a swing.

Of course, there's always the reverse curl, wrist curl, and reverse wrist curl with dumbells. And if you like grip work, go to Home Depot and pick up a large plastic spring clamp for .99 - cheaper and more challenging than the store bought grippers.


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