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Re: Re: Does the front heel have to drop?

Posted by: chip () on Fri Feb 22 09:34:56 2002

Actually, my question is whether the front toe has to land first, prior to the heel dropping, or whether the whole front foot can just land on the ground in more of a clomping fashion. If I concentrate on the front toe landing first, it feels like I'm gonna pull my front calf. Thanks.
> If you clomp down with the whole foot you will not get front side rotation into the swing, limiting the hip torque from the front leg. You will also be commited to one swing timing of the pitch - you won't be able to adjust to offspeed pitches. You'll be limited to reading them immediately.
> You must be striding very hard to feel that much pressure on your calf at landing. Perhaps that is the problem.

Thanks, Dan. Kinda thought that would be the answer. The more I mess with it, I think the stress was actually coming from doing it in slower motion. It seems like some guys have the heel higher than others- can it be a difference in flexibilty?


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