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Re: Stride

Posted by: The Hitman (ahsnumber3@aol.com) on Sun Feb 24 23:10:59 2002

> The stride makes no contribution to bat speed or contact percentage.
> I solicit proof, or even arguments, of the opposite.
> It might be uncomfortable for some hitters to do the first few times, agreed.
> But anecdotes, personal experience and examples of successful hitters on video suggests that it is not needed.
> Better, can it be justified from the blackboard that forward momentum accomplishes anything that contributes to bat speed or contact? I say no.
I will believe it when i see a no-strider hit it 500 plus feet. I think the stride contributes slightly to batspeed, the same way i think field goal kickers take 3 steps before kicking the ball, i think you generate momentum which is translated into added batspeed that wouldnt be existant with no stride.
The Hitman


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