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Re: lLead Arm on swing

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Jan 23 00:25:52 2000

Hi Reed

You stated >>>I must disagree on straightening the lead arm at the beginning of the swing. If it is slightly bent you will have a shorter path to the ball and a more compact quicker swing<<<

Reed, what you just stated is just not true. It is a fallacy that has been repeated so often that most coaches take it as a truism. --- A bent lead elbow results in a straightened path of the hands. A straighter hand-path generates less angular displacement of the bat. Therefor, with a bent lead elbow, the hands must be extended further before the bat head comes through. --- With an angular hand-path, the hands travel about 20 to 22 inches to contact. They are extended 24 to 26 inches to contact with a straighter path.

I would agree that a slight bend might occur as the swing is initiated. But this is because of the inertia offered by the bat and not to have “a shorter path to the ball.” The arm should be fairly straight by mid swing.

>>> Casting isn't good either <<<

Why do so many coaches assume a straight lead arm will always result in “casting?” Reed, It’s another fallacy that has been made a truism.

Jack Mankin


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