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Re: Re: hooking the ball?

Posted by: vaqattack () on Tue Feb 26 19:21:13 2002

>>> Does a rotational swing lead to hooking the ball, or in other words, does a rotational swing often lead to hitting the outside of the ball (pitches middle-away)? I believe that a hitter should try to fine focus on hitting the inside of the ball to create back spin. On an inside pitch, recognition and hip movement will allow a hitter to pull the inside pitch. From my experience with rotational hitting, it seems that rotators are more likely to be pull hitters. Constructive criticism is encouraged and appreciated. Please enlighten me. <<<
> Hi Vaqattack
> When practicing the rotational mechanics outline on this site, the batter is instructed to make contact when the bat becomes perpendicular to the ball. Or in other words hitting the ball up the middle. If the batter's timing is a little late - he will hit to the opposite field. A little early - the ball will be pulled.
> Vaqattack, I noted that when you commented on hitting outside pitches you referred to hitting the outside of the ball as "hooking." But on inside pitches, you referred to it as "pulling." What difference do you see between "hooking" and "pulling" a ball?
> Jack Mankin
Thank you for answering my question about timing, that is much clearer to me. In my eyes, a hitter should hit the ball where it is pitched, Inside-leftfield, middle-center, and outside-right. We've all heard "The inside pitch pulls itself", but if a batter hits the outside of a ball it will create side or top spin (hooking), am I correct in saying that? What I was asking, is a rotational swing more likely to pull middle-away pitches because of the hand path (if the hitter's timing is early)? Would they be more susceptible to hitting the outside of the ball? As opposed to the linear ("insideout") approach?


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