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Re: Re: Re: Covering the outside pitch

Posted by: Bill () on Thu Feb 28 12:34:25 2002

>>> Does your swing need to be adjusted to cover the outside pitches? I was told this weekend that you should swing the same as you do for “middle of the plate” pitches, just wait on the ball, and hit it later to the opposite field. True? Can someone talk on this a bit? <<<
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> > Hi Bill
> >
> > Waiting for the ball to get in deeper and hitting it to the opposite field is a technique taught by many coaches. I think it stems from the fact that most batters use linear principles and will normally have their hands ahead of the bat-head at contact. The farther out the pitch, the more the hands tend to lead with extension types of mechanics.
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> > Note: An outside pitch is no closer to the strike zone at the back of the plate than is was at the front on the plate. In fact, from a right-handed pitcher to a right-handed batter, the ball is probably angling away as it gets deeper.
> >
> > With rotational mechanics this technique makes absolutely no sense. The bat-head is traveling at its widest point when the bat is perpendicular to the ball's flight path - hitting back up the middle. The farther the bat-head trails behind the hands (i.e., hitting to the opposite field), the less outside reach the bat-head has. --- Thus, the wider the pitch, the wider the hand-path must be in order to hit the ball in the opposite field.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> >
> >Jack,not sure you touched on this yet,I agree that ball should go up the middle,and slight timing errors can allow ball to be pulled or go the other way.On my swinghowever I can hit the back of ball fine on o.s corner but it is somewhere between back corner of plate and front corner.Now I have heard Tom and I believe you say hit all balls on back of ball but I cannot hit a pitch dead center back of ball when it is dead center or in over the plate.It's like I must go linear to do so.If I just keep rotating however I can hit it right at the front of plate at about 7 oclock on the ball[lefty] to pull.If I try to hit ball at front of plate over os corner then I'm already getting barrel ahead of hands pulling off sweet spot.So my ques. should I try to hit all balls on the backor just hit the back on the os pitch by letting it get a little deeper maybe4-6" and then get sweet spot to anything middle in.

Hey, I'm so proud that I started such a popular thread. :)
Thanks for all the replies!

I'm new to this site. I do have a technical background, and the "rotational" swings makes sense to me.

Jack, I'm sure that gives you a new level of comfort. :) (That's a joke)

At any rate, my son has adapted to the new technique very well, from the information I've gained from reading you site. I'll be ordering more information soon.

Thanks again,


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