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Re: getting the bathead perpendicular to the pitch

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Feb 28 21:48:02 2002

>>> Jack, recently I have been having problems with keeping my hands back. When I swing it seems that I am pulling off the ball. It is as if I am accidently throwing the knob at the ball. Do you think I should concentrate on straitening my lead arm and keeping it strait? Or do you think it is a problem with using my front side? Most of the pitches I swung at were hit foul the other way, or missed completely. I just couldn't hit it off the sweet spot. I seem to have this problem after long lay offs because of playing other sports. It could be a timing thing. It seems when I do everything right the ball jumps off my bat. Do you have any ideas on keeping my hands back or to prevent pulling off the ball. <<<

Hi MattG

You have asked some excellent questions that go to the heart of converting from linear to rotational mechanics. What you have described is expressed in many e-mails from other hitters who are also trying to make the conversion. --- I will start the new month with a post that addresses your concerns.

Jack Mankin


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