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Re: Re: Sammy's foot slide

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Feb 28 22:04:50 2002

As I remember,Sosa starts open and steps in as part of his inward turn,then strides forward-the double stride or "click-back".Is he still doing that this year?

Both Griffey and Sosa use the same baic fundamental mechanics that Jack describes, but they use different ways of generating power. Griffey stays tall. Sosa really sits then comes up out of the sit with the lower body. Both are the same in that once they stride it's all rotation with the stationary axis and the good transfer mechanics. Griffey likes the away pitch. Sosa never saw a pitch he didn't like(slight exaggeration, and his plate discipline improves every year).Griffey has struggled of late <<<

Hi Tom

I don't think your statement, "Sosa never saw a pitch he didn't like" was exaggerated in the least with the early 1990's Sosa. I always said that batters performed in accordance with their mechanics, but I was always quick to point out that Sammy was the exception to the rule. He had mechanics among the best that I charted, but performed average or below. -- Many times I saw him with a 3&1 count and swinging at balls in the dirt or a foot outside.

Jack Mankin


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