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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: NOW AVAILABLE -- Bat Speed Measurement Device & Heavy Practice Bag

Posted by: ggh (ggh1989@aol.com) on Fri Mar 1 13:33:47 2002

>>> how do you order? when i go to your order products section, the batspeed measuring device is not listed. help please. <<<
> Hi ggh
> Thank you for your interest. The batspeed measuring device can be found by going to "SwingMate Baseball" on the order page.
> Jack Mankin
> sorry, i still cannot place an order. when i click on the batspeed measuring device "buy", it sends me to the billing information page,on this page, your other products are listed but not the batspeed measuring device. i put my billing info in and hit submit. i get a message stating nothing selected. maybe i am doing something wrong?


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