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Re: Problems caused by side toss

Posted by: The Hitman (ahsnumber3@aol.com) on Sat Mar 9 01:18:53 2002

Jack, sometimes when I hit either off a machine or a live pitcher, I notice that I have problems getting the meat of the bat on the ball. Like I posted earlier it is as if I am pulling off the ball. This sometimes comes after I hit side toss and go right into the cage. Do you think side toss causes the batter to extend the back arm more at the third basemen (if left handed batter)? If so how can I do side toss and avoid these problems or should I skip it all together?
> When I get in the cage after side toss it is as if I fly open and jam myself. My hands hurt and I hit mostly weak pop-ups the other way and miss outside pithes all together. When I hit well, usually after hitting off a tee, I can hit almost any pitch hard and off the sweet spot. Do you know of any good drills to avoid the hips flying open or pulling off the ball and to prevent the back arm extending toward third base? This is perhaps the worst flaw and hardest habit I've been trying to kick. When I have this problem, I can hardly even throw the ball up and hit it off the sweet spot. I know I seem to keep asking the same question over and over but I just can't kick this habit. One day I'll kill the ball, the next I might as well pray for a walk. Sorry for asking the same questions, I just want to be consistent. Thanks for your patients.

Hey Matt
It looks like your suffering from a one piece swing. Remember hips lead the shoulders, they don't come through the zone at the same time. You should always keep the shoulder closed until you know where the ball is gonna be. I think focusing on clearing the hips creates a problem for the hitter, whenever people use this cue it seems as if there whole body comes with the hips, and the hitter is totally out of balanced, as in the body twirling in circles after the swing. Remember you need to have a plan when your hitting. You need to be anticipating what pitch and what location you are looking for to hit, your front shoulder needs to stay closed longer for the outside pitch. You are really making hitting harder than it really is


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