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Posted by: BatSpeed.com (MrBatSpeed@aol.com) on Sat May 5 10:55:08 2007

Hi All:

Jack Mankin's new swing analysis program is now available. It took a little longer than expected to finish, but thanks to all of you who have been asking and patiently waiting. I think it will become a useful addition to your coaching tools.

The web pages have a lot of detail, but here is a brief summary. It is a two part program. First, the 95 minute Swing Analysis Instructional DVD shows exactly "how to" analyze swings and correct common swing flaws in a detailed step by step program.

Second, BatSpeed.com's Edition of Motionview Video Analysis Software is a CD-ROM program that allows parents and coaches to import video from a camcorder (or over the internet for reviewing pro hitters) and analyze swings, fielding, pitching, golf, etc. with countless tools - one frame at a time. With the Digital VCR Edition, you can create your own personalized coaching lesson on CD for your players with voice over instruction and drawing tools like we used to create much of the Swing Analysis DVD.

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