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Re: Re: yes, front shoulder. i played last night &

Posted by: Coach C (socalvh@cox.net) on Sun Mar 10 23:14:10 2002

>>> I thought about keeping the shoulder closed, locked and moving to the ball instead of thinking of my stride and foot. It works and it is easier to think about locking your shoulder in than thinking about your feet. Thanks for the info. It helped alot
> The hips as a general rule will only do what the front shoulder does. When you tie the front shoulder down, then the hips stay on the ball and the front toe stays more closed. When the pitch comes don't think of the stride......think of driving your front shoulder to the ball (as long as you can) then pull like you mean it. If your throwing hands first, you'll struggle with this manuever. If you do struggle.... then I suggest you change your mechanics and enjoy the rewards. It's a whole new concept for some, but can be easily taught. These same mechanics would be how one would hit to the opposite field as well. Same mechanics, left field or right.......that's the beauty of it. Does this make sense to you? <<<
> Hi Blue
> I think we all would agree that the lead-shoulder should stay in during the batter’s stride. You stated, “......think of driving your front shoulder to the ball (as long as you can) then pull like you mean it.” When do you see the shoulder stop driving forward and start to rotate --- is the batters axis of rotation stationary or moving forward as the hands accelerate --- “what” is being pulled like you mean it? I am not saying you are wrong, just need clarification.
> Jack Mankin

I believe there is a weight tranfer during the stride. That said....I believe that when the transfer occurs... the front shoulder (and hips) cock in towards the ball, then as I swing into rotational (circular) axis....after the front foot has planted, my front hip and lead shoulder will pull to create torque. A word of caution.....pulling is a relative term, meaning the degree in which I pull has everything to do with the length of my stride and the foundation of my feet. I feel that the emphasis here is the level shoulder turn during the stride, everything else ......as you imply.....is on auto pilot. Your thoughts?


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