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Re: bat size and swing

Posted by: charles (crayshef@bellsouth.net) on Sun May 6 15:25:17 2007

Regarding the dropping of the hands, whether this is a problem depends on whether his hands are set up high at first. If they are then, the hands must drop (more than someone with hands lower at set up) to get to the plane of the ball. Of course young kids can over do this and often do but it is important to remember that all good hitters drop their hands to the plane of the ball. This whole dropping of the hands tends to be over taught in my opinion. Is he consistently making solid contact? If so I think I would leave him alone for now. My youngest son (right hander bats left) did not start pulling the ball until he was 12. He has been a very good hitter hitting the ball opposite way. In fact, now that he is pulling the ball some, I have to work with him constantly on hitting pitches the other way. He is hitting his best when he is spraying some balls to the opposite field. But if your player is not making solid contact with some consistency he might consider a lighter bat and/or changing mechanics. Tough to know without seeing him.


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