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Re: T-Ball and machine pitch

Posted by: () on Mon Mar 18 05:57:28 2002

I coach both t ball and machine pitch and would like any tips on increasing batspeed for this age group (5-6 7-8) I am struggling this year with getting the kids to really hit the ball hard instead of just hitting it. please help! lol

1- get a batspeed reader (here from Jack or Setpro). Kids will swing harder to try to get bigger numbers. Motivation! They will also learn what a faster swing feels like, especially if they use the measurer every hitting session.
2- use the legs/hip turn to start the swing, not the arms. Its the 'right' way and it works better. We're all stronger there anyway.
3- for a small % of hitting time, give them the 'fast pitch' challenge. Turn the machine up 10 mph and let them try to catch up to it. When you go back to regular speed, it will seem really easy.


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