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Re: Stance & Timing

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed May 9 09:31:29 2007

I purchased Jack's video and am currently attempting to teach his hitting method to my son. It was a good investment. He hits the ball farther than anyone in his league. Now I am working on consistancy. My problem is that he has begun hitting the ball waaaay out front. Batting right handed, he then either smashes the ball for a triple or homer, grounds out to the left side of the infield, or absolutely smashes the ball FOUL down the left field line. Is there something that I can do to eliminate the pulled ground outs? Or should I stop whining and enjoy the bombs he eventually hits?

Hi Dad

The bat travels about 180 degrees from the launch position to hitting the ball straight-away (back up the middle). The bat first arcs 90 degrees rearward to the “lag position” (bat pointing at the catcher) and then 90 degrees around forward to contact. In order to have good power to the opposite field (and straight-away), the batter’s mechanics must generate good rearward acceleration of the bat-head to (and through) the “lag position” – first 90 degrees of rotation.

The average hitter’s mechanics are geared to accelerate the bat forward (last 90 degrees) and therefore generate little rearward bat speed to the lag position. There is no way a batter can attain great bat speed at the optimum contact if the bat is dragging at the lag position. They will have little power to the opposite field and most of their well-hit balls are pulled foul.

Dad, this is why learning to keep the hands back at the shoulder during initiation and apply THT is so important in the swing. These BatSpeed principles are demonstrated clearly in the new Swing Analysis DVD.

Jack Mankin


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