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Re: Ball Speed off of Bat

Posted by: George () on Thu May 10 20:49:25 2007

> I was having an argument with a friend and was wondering if anyone can provide me with some proof that a slow pitch softball can be hit with a composite bat at 100mph+ ?
> Please let me know.
> Daren

The best way to go with that might be to watch guys who hit at the super level. They have been said to hit balls 500 ft. And if they used composite bats, it would perhaps be possible. Mark McGwire's bat speed caluculated on espn was 100mph. So I would not doubt it being that a composite bat is basically a wood bat. Also we should remember that the initial take off batspeed will not very to the extreme from hitting a baseball. But the weight of the ball determines the distance for the most part.


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