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Re: Batting Order

Posted by: Chris O'Leary (chris@chrisoleary.com) on Mon May 14 13:13:29 2007

"Can anyone help with batting order? I have the following players on a 10 and under league. (No stats, just general info.)"

For my baseball team, I structure my batting order according to the previous game's On Base Percentage. In my view a BB is generally as good as a hit, and counts toward OBP.

That minimizes the argument from the parents and the kids.

I tell them that if they want to hit higher, then they need to get on base (via hits or walks).

The only way I vary this is by batting speed ahead of strength (e.g. bat Nicole 1), trying to put some power in the 3 or 4 hole (e.g. bat Brianna 3 and Kayla 4), and by trying to go L,R,L in my batting order (since that can induce walks against weaker pitchers).


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