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bottom hand/lead arm wrist action

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Sat Jan 29 10:07:39 2000

Thanks again for the excellent reply to my question about the action of the back forearm lowering.You pointed out that with rotational/torque mechanics the angular displacement of the bat starts early(as compared to linear mechanics)and the wrist of the back arm rotates continuously in the plane of the swing.I think this description is helpful in understanding the initiation of the swing.
The thought of continuing rotation through contact with the bottom hand pulling back to the catcher seems to help continue the best action through the swing.
My question is whether you find the thought of keeping the wrists"cocked" until contact or snapping the wrists at contact are useful swing thoughts or teaching cues.Many instructors stress this,including Dave Hudgins in his description of the short stroke.Does this snapping feel/action still contribute in the rotational/torque swing or does this mostly apply to the linear/extension handpath where both hands are moving forward through contact rather than torquing around a point between them?


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