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Posted by: Bill (Bill_Nordlund@stgeorges.edu) on Mon Jan 31 08:26:19 2000

what does everyone think of the wide stance with no strde just lifting up you foot a little like Nomar Garciaparra or like Joe Dimaggio did? How does it effect the swing? It slows the bat somewhat but it also helps timing and bat control, right? I started hitting like this last summer and I hit really well. My homeruns went down a little but I started hitting more doubles and my slugging percentage went up even with less homers, striking out almost never, and raised my batting average a ton because I had better timing and was hitting to the opposite field. I am still experimenting with different ways to hit for this upcoming high school season but I think I like this way. Has anyone else tried this stance? What kind of results did you get? Thanks.



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