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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The cause of hip/shoulder rotation -- Cont.

Posted by: Dave P () on Tue Dec 7 22:07:05 2010

Hi Jack

Wrist snap in my desciption is what you call BHT.

However I will point one thing out about your comparison of the two batters from the side view showing front elbow pull back. The one on the right hit the ball about 1 foot farther infront of the plate then the one on the left (the one you said had a great hit). I am not denying that your research is not right but you would need to see the contact point at the same time and in the same location to compare both hitters equally.

Just another note if you look at the hitter on the right he did not get into a good hitting position at contact (front leg bent, shoulders forward of back knee and arms extended forward due to contact location) which lead to poor contact.

My suggestion is to get a better comparision clip that match the swing hit location better.

Dave P


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