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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ??? You tube video..

Posted by: Ronnie (rwynn@comsouth.net) on Wed Dec 8 13:23:08 2010

> > HI Juan
> >
> > HAnk Aaron's back foot is off the ground on most every hit (not a bad hitter). Albert P's back foot is off the ground on every swing (not a bad hitter). I can go on.
> >
> > Leg drive does not mean drifting forward but bug squish does mean going backward.
> >
> > Dave P
> Greetings Dave P,
> My back foot use to go up after contact as well or at point of contact. I finished up with 168 career minor league homeruns. I do understand that theory as well. The squash the bug platform simply teaches you to redistribute your weight in a more consistent manner. What happens when these guys face a guy with a nasty split finger or great changeup without never having worked on staying back? Could you imagine? So, if you teach these kids early just to " stay back" they would actually have a chance to lay off of that nasty sharp 59 foot slider. As soon as I taught myself to stay back and drive through the ball, instead of lunge my career stats went up. But I have pictures of Albert with his back foot down as well. Check out the photos on Facebook.com/HighoutPutSports and check out my Fav hitters. Also, Dave, it depends on what types of pitches these guys are getting too. Thanks and Hank Aaron was a front front hitter. possibly the best, Frank Thomas was also.

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