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Re: Re: bryce harper

Posted by: patrick (pmgeoeiiee@yahoo.com) on Thu Dec 9 14:31:58 2010

> > What do y'all think about harper's swing?
> > Any thoughts?
> What I see as unique (looking at a "Power Showcase" video on YouTube)is his twisting of his front foot and knee when he loads and his bat finishes way behind his back. Certainly seems to wring every ounce of power possible. Should kids try to emulate his swing? I would imagine he's had all the best batting coaches since a young age. Will it translate into big-league success though? I'd bet we'll see some changes before his debut.
> What about Jeeter's swing? The news was playing a clip over and over of his swinging and it looked like all upper body. Pretty weak.

Jeter's been known throughout his career as an inside out hitter. Nothing wrong with that. I avocate the inside out swing. Something may have changed in his timing, might be swing related or he might not be picking up the ball as good as he did before. Where is this clip of him swinging weakly?


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