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Re: End Loaded Bat vs. Balanced Bat

Posted by: George () on Sat May 19 13:14:03 2007

> I have no problem reacting to pitching, there for I can handle a heavy maple bat fine.
> What I'm wondering though is, should I get an End Loaded Maple bat, or a Balanced Bat.
> I understand you can swing a Balanced bat faster, and an End Loaded bat has more mass at hitting surface.
> Whats the better of the two for hitting HR's?

First you have to be honest with yourself. What type of hitter you are should answer your question. If you are a power hitter, the endloaded bat should work better (C243). If you are more of a gap hitter I would suggest more of a balanced bat (M110, C271 or a T141).

Note that a true power hitter can use any bat to drive the ball. And a gap hitter can use a big bat well if he chokes up slightly.


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