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32/24 vs. 32/29 for Homerun Derby Only

Posted by: Ben (eysikal AT gmail DOT com) on Sun May 20 02:21:13 2007

Hi, I'm a huge baseball fan and am glad I've discovered this site. I am looking for the best bat weight to use in order to hit balls the furthest in our homerun derby games. I've looked at some of Terry Bahill's stuff on bat speed and weight. I'm not in any leagues, so I don't need to worry about any -3 restriction or anything like that.

I'm looking to buy either an Easton Reflex BX65 @ 32in/24oz, or a Louisville TPX Lazer CB605 @ 32in/29oz.

Here are my stats:
165 lbs.

I figure I could swing the 24 oz bat a lot faster, and that would make more difference in the batted ball speed than if I were to hit with the 29oz bat at a lower bat speed.

Again, I'm looking to buy a bat purely to hit homeruns off lobbed pitches. Thanks for any advice!


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