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Re: Foul balls 1st base side

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Feb 2 22:33:14 2000

>>>could you tell me if there are any common reasons why a player would hit pop flys to 1st base side besides swinging too late. <<<

Hi Bob

Hitting flares over 1st base is not as much from swinging late as it is from poor mechanics. Consistently hitting weak balls to the opposite field a clear indication you are getting your hands through but the bat head is lagging. Your mechanics would probably score real high with many coaches who teach the fence drill or similar batting styles. But I would suggest that you rip a few fences apart and get the bat head around earlier.

Bob, your hands should only move forward about 24 inches before the bat head comes through. Donít give up those inches easily. Make that bat head accelerate for every one of them. --- You have probably been taught to have quick hands while keeping the bat head back (knob to the ball). I would suggest you turn that completely around. --- Keep your hands back and develop a quick bat head. Throw the bat head not the hands. --- Let your bodyís rotation accelerate the hands.

Jack Mankin


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