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Confirmation of what Jack has been teaching here

Posted by: Marty (elmarto@comcast.net) on Fri May 25 07:14:19 2007

I've been reading this discussion board for about a year now in an effort to improve the swings of both of my sons. I noticed that some high school teams KILL the ball and put up alot of runs while others get a few bloop singles or an occasional double and score very few runs. The athletes on those good hitting teams didn't seem to be any better than the athletes on the poor hitting teams. I realized that those teams that hit well are being taught something very different from the teams that do not. My sons teams were both taught to drive the head of the bat through the zone with the palm of their top hand(Linear). My sons have always played on marginal hitting teams and their own hitting has been weak and inconsistent. It took me a while to understand what Jack had been advocating and I needed to see for myself whether it worked or not. Once I understood it I began to try it for myself. THT feels alittle strange when you first try it. After several weeks of trying to apply the priciples of THT in the garage I finally got the feel of it. Once I put THT and CHP together, WOW!
I've taught it to my sons. Both were resistant at first, especially when they tried THT for the first time. Luckily, both of my sons are very coachable and gave the principles an honest shot. They actually picked up on it faster than I did. The results have been remarkable. Both are driving the ball hard. Both are getting lots of backspin and plenty of carry. People that see them hitting batting practice, including me, stand and watch in amazement. Not every ball goes over the fence but they're consistently driving the ball deep over the outfielders' heads. (About 10% are going over the fence)I know that bad habits will creep in and mechanics will have to be fixed from time to time but I finally feel like we're on the right track. So, to those naysayers who pop up on the board from time to time, I'm tellin' ya, there is validity to what is being advocated here.


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