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Re: Bats left, throws right

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Thu Dec 16 06:42:19 2010

hi T pav>I read some where that 90 percent of the general population is same hand and same eye dominate.and that 90 percent of major league postion players are cross hand and cross eye dominate .that there domunate eye is closer to the pitcher and there dominate hand is there top hand .I know there are exceptions.I have observed this myself the few good hitters my son played with from little league to college were cross eye cross hand dominate.in a perfect world I would be a lefty batter whos dominate right eye was closer to the pitcher and dominate left hand was the top hand in my stance.but the worlds not perfect.so i belive the dominate eye weather its the right or left should be closer to the pitcher in your stance. so maybe while your sons in the off season he can start swich hitting and see if he becomes a better righty then lefty batter.


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