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Re: Rotational mechanics corrected my extreme pull.

Posted by: Alan (alan_lupinetti@toyota.com) on Thu Apr 18 16:41:15 2002

I just wanted to thank Jack for this website. I just stumbled onto it a few days ago, and haven't even bought the video yet, but it seems to have worked wonders for me already.
> I'm a lefthanded hitter who had an extreme pull. I just hit way too many balls right down the right field line or into foul territory. My basic understanding of rotational mechanics from this website taught me to get back to using my shoulders and hips and I'm no longer forced to have my top hand fly off the bat on the follow through. Two batting cage sessions and I can see dramatic improvement. I'm mostly hitting liners and flies to right center instead of down the line or foul. I think I'm hitting it harder too, but I'll have to get on the field to verify that. Anyways it's like night and day from before, and its actually feels like my natural swing, perhaps the swing I used in early high school before misguided coaches started altering it. Thanks again Jack!

You know the same thing happened with my daughter, she's a right hander and was pulling everything down the left field line and half the time it was foul. If she even tried to go the other way she had a definite reduction in power. Since the change to rotational mechanics she ins't doing this anymore. The position of the pitch (inside,middle,outside) seems to dictate which field she goes to.

P.S. Before we got the tape she was progressing, but the learning curve has taking off now that we have it. There are things we saw on the tape that made the concepts all the more clear.


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