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7 Year Old Dropping Back Elbow

Posted by: BaseballMom (stepnup23@yahoo.com) on Thu May 31 19:05:51 2007

My oldest son (just turned 7 three weeks ago) is having some major problems hitting the ball this year. He is dropping his elbow at the last minute when he swings...after several weeks of this, it's now become a habit. He is not getting any hits at all!! He started the season out doing poorly, but has progressively gotten to where he just doesn't hit the ball at all at team practices or games.

His stance is nearly perfect...he is just not properly extending his arms when he swings. He drops his back elbow. In talking to him today, I found out that he got scared when one of the coaches was pitching and accidentally hit one of the players (who, of course, cried...a lot!). So, now it seems that he is/was scared. And his fear has created a really bad habit.

We're at a loss....help?!?! TIA.


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