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Re: Re: Pain in hands

Posted by: () on Wed Apr 24 02:00:27 2002

I just have a question I hope somebody can answer. I know a lot about sports, mostly basketball and baseball. My brother was very athletic and encouraged me to do the same. I played softball on some teams when I was 11 and 12. Last year was my first year to play softball since then (about 10 years ago). Everything was fine. However, last night my husband and I went to the batting cages just for fun. I was in the cage with the "fast" softball (about 55 mph). I hit the ball several times, but there were 2 hits that REALLY hurt my hands (I was using an aluminum bat). It was bad enough that I had to stop and let the next pitch just go by. What went wrong? Was it the way I was holding the bat, or where the bat hit the ball, or how the ball was pitched? I don't think I've ever had my hands hurt that bad when hitting a ball. If someone knows anything about this, I would appreciate an answer.
> Aluminum bats often cause hands to sting. This usually happens when you hit a ball off the end of the bat, or if you hit the ball to close to the grip. Sometimes it can hurt your hands if its too cold outside. They have rubber things you can put on the knob of the bat that are supposed to help, but I don't know how well they work.


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