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Teaching Torque

Posted by: Curt () on Thu Feb 10 21:48:30 2000


I like your concept of "torquing" the bat. I have observed hitters, who I think, demonstrate this prinicple, but I have never been able to quite realize it's benefit. Not until after reading your thorough explanation of it, did I fully understand the forces at work. Other participants on this site obviously attest to it's validiity and I would like to experiment with it as well.

Once or twice a week in the off season, I open our indoor hitting cage for my players and tonight was no exception. With the ones who showed up, I discussed your "torquing of the bat" concept and suggested that we should give this a try. I'm not sure that my explanations and demonstrations were presented in such a way that they could fully comprehend it. I'm blessed with some intelligent kids and if I could present this in an understandable way, the "light bulb" would come on.

I picked-up a bat and could feel what it is that you refer to, but how do you teach that "feel"? Do you just explain it? Do you somehow demonstrate it? Are there drills? Where do I begin?

I realize you may not want to offer this advice for free, since you have a video on the market, but if you do, I'm "all ears". If not, will the video point me in the right direction? Is it reasonably priced and how long would it take to get?

Any help would be appreciated,



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