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Re: Rocket Science

Posted by: Jess Bechard (bechard7@netzero.com) on Fri Feb 11 15:37:34 2000

I hate to break it to you but there is big difference between high school pitching and what you will see at the next level. When you get to the college or pro level you have to think. If you don't understand what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong you are in big trouble. It is fine and dandy to sit back and react when you are facing a 75 mph fastball. It is a little more difficult to do when you have a 92 mph two-seamer bearing in on your hands or a 64 mph changeup diving away from you. That is a big difference.

I do agree that you shouldn't think too much when you are at the plate but you do need to think when you are practicing. I can't stress the importance of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your swing.

While it is nice to think of hitting as just sitting dead red and staying back it is not that easy. You may not see that now, but if you go to the next level you will learn that lesson in a hurry. I have seen many outstanding high school players humbled very quickly at the college level.



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