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Re: Re: major dan & chip

Posted by: Thorpe Facer (tfacer@yahoo.com) on Fri May 3 12:35:26 2002

Hey I wanted to update ya'll after our discussions on the #%^%$##@%^down swing.At the high school athletic banquet last night they had highlight films of seasons.Guess who was the only one shown trotting around the bases instead of running?The little freshman with the "uppercut" swing and the crazy old man!!!!Sorry if this sounds like bragging but I wanted ya'll to know that we are on the right track and sometimes the "experts" are wrong.I hope this helps someone else who starts questioning theirself as to whether they are hurting their child by not teaching them to chop.Again thank you for taking the time to respond to my post and encouraging me to stick by what I saw and not let anyone change my son's natural style.
> Congrats! So does the coach ignore this due to success or is he claiming credit for it? Either way, what's important is you're on the right track and it's paying off.

I'll throw a little cynicism into the mix and tell you what the coach is thinking: "If that kid would just hit the way I tell him to [swing down], he'd be really successful!" Thanks for the update and good luck.


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