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Re: Definite improvement in power!

Posted by: () on Sun May 5 05:29:03 2002

> Thanks for taking the time to share your research and insights with us. I am a 29-year-old former college baseball player, and I enjoy playing men's league slow-pitch softball these days. I'm a big guy and have always generated a substantial amount of power because of my muscle strength.
> That being said, I always felt my own strength was also a major downfall to my swing. I had always heard good hitters say how "effortless" a sound swing is. After reading your site thoroughly, I now understand why.
> I've worked the past month to undermine my own bad habits, and I've developed a swing that's very natural-feeling to me. I now have a very fluid motion around the stationary axis and am developing good wrist torque.
> To get to the bottom line, I had never hit a softball (ASA cor 0.47 ball) more than 320 feet before. I'm now VERY CONSISTENTLY hitting 325 to 375 feet, and I'm enjoying having my teammates "ooh" and "aah" over my blasts!
> I know everybody's different and so is everyone's swing, but the principles you've detailed here should definitely be practiced. Having played a lot of baseball in my past, I know the same basic principles apply to baseball and softball hitting.
> Thanks again for your time and effort!
> Marcus Boyd

Yeah right. Its easy to spot a shill, isn't it?


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